Meltdown in Eversley

Sunday 29th July 2001

As The Crow Road Band presented a preview of their original "folk opera" Pictures of Uncle Donnie's Wake at the Toad and Stumps in Eversley, Hampshire on a summer evening, the sun beat down relentlessly on the intimate venue. The record breaking audience was enthralled by the music and wit of the show and amazed at the stamina of the performers who endured temperatures in the high 30s throughout the performance. The appreciative audience stayed to the bitter end in the throbbing heat drinking gallons of beer and wine (much to the landlord's delight!).

  • "Best gig I've ever been to!"
  • "I didn't realise you were actually good, that was amazing!"
  • "The atmosphere created was wonderful!"
  • "The harmonies brought out such emotion."
  • “It was a touching story... quite captivating.”

were some of the comments made as the audience reluctantly left well after the "last orders" bell. The band members were soaked with perspiration which made playing stringed instruments and singing very difficult. They coped admirably, but were completely unable to perform an encore. Surprisingly they sold CDs instead! One of the band was heard to say,

"At least it'll never be this hot in Edinburgh!!"

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