Nice trip?

The journey to the 2001 Fringe was beset with problems for The Crow Road band flute player, Laura McLean. She returned from holiday a couple of days before she was due to leave for Edinburgh, but, unfortunately, her luggage did not return with her! After many fruitless visits to the airport lost luggage department, she went on a last minute shopping spree to buy clothes, toothbrush etc for her sojourn in Edinburgh. This job was completed some 50 minutes before she had to start her journey up North, so, of course, she was very rushed packing her car. When the packing was nearly complete, on her final “trip” out of the house, she slipped off the front doorstep and twisted her ankle, badly twisted her ankle!!

But …..

the show must go on, so she left with her Dad (Alan McLean) at the wheel.

A couple of hours later on a cold and dark M1, the car started to feel “funny” as Laura put it. It also began to sound funny...and, yes, it was a puncture! By this time Laura’s ankle was very swollen and was extremely painful. Poor old Alan changed the wheel and drove like a bat out of hell (which is nearly 60 mph in Laura’s car!)  to reach his Mother’s house in Glasgow as quickly as possible. When they eventually arrived, Alan dropped off the luggage (all new stuff in Laura’s case) and then went straight to the A&E Dept at the Royal Infirmary. They x-rayed Laura’s ankle, but amazingly after all this, it was not broken just a bad sprain. They bandaged it up and gave her a lovely pair of “classic”, wooden crutches, because the nice light aluminium crutches could only be given to locals who MUST return them!

Luckily, by the first Crow Road Band performance of “Pictures of Uncle Donnie’s Wake” Laura was able to stand and her flute playing was as beautiful as ever!

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