Calling Me Home

Lead Vocal- Helen; Guitars- Alan,Phil; Backing Vocals- Jan,Phil; Bass- Phil; Flute- Laura; Mandola- Tony

To this city of dreams I came, looking for wealth and fame
Leaving the past behind
From a land I’d said time forgot, breaking hearts without a thought
Young eyes can be so blind. 

It’s only now, it’s only now, have these eyes opened up to see. 

Oh, oh, they won’t let me go,
The mountains, the glens,
The old folk, the friends,
Oh, oh, you won’t let me go,
Calling me home again.

Times here were hard, it’s true, but l made it because of you,
Thoughts of you always could make me smile
Compromising was the only way, you helped me through each day
Somehow made it seem worthwhile

It’s only now, only now, I really see what you meant to me. 


Good fortune has smiled on me I know how I can be free,
Able to choose my own way.
So I’m turning for home again, to heal the pain,
Now I know what they were trying to say, 

It’s only now, only now have I seen the way things ought to be.


© Copyright 1997 & 2001 Alan McLean & Alec Burbidge

© The Crow Road Band 2018