Century Song

Lead Vocal- Helen; Guitars- Alan,Phil; Bass- Phil; Backing Vocals- Jan,Phil

Silence in the cinema, the lights just coming on,
Horses trundling past, their time it won’t be long
Ice and fire on the wire tell their tragic tale
It’s alright to take flight, but want to vote you can starve in jail
Trenches full of blood and bone on the whim of leaders who do not care
This will he the last time we’re told and revolutions in the air

Changing times rearranging times, centuries slip away in time.
Changing times rearranging times, another one left behind 

The time is dry but bullets fly the killing day of love
The mighty ships cross the ocean as heroes do above
Bet on Wall Street, lose it all street, lives come crashing down
Stand in line, spare a dime, the storm it starts with shirts of brown
Camps full of blood and bone, evil held back by the few
Harbour lights hit out of sight and in the end the mushrooms grew 


It’s a long march to a little red book, cultural terror is set free
On top of the world, a crown for a girl, in black and. white crowd round to see
A red flag flies around the skies, a race it has begun
One small step on an eagles wings and. the race it has been won
The yellow trail full of blood and bones, a burning girl runs on the TV screen
A grassy knoll, an embassy rout, the world is watching every scene 


A king is born but Buddy’s gone and the Mersey finds a sound
And Bobby D he spoke to me, when love and peace was all around
The greatest stings, floats in rings so much he had to say
A dream, a king, a poet, imagine them all blown away
Townships full of blood and bone, a leader forced to wait his time
Mothers wail for the disappeared, one of the generals greatest crimes 


Surround sound, wide screen or watch it as you fly
Mad cow ruins the country, new thin ways to die.
The great communicator who had to read his lines
Greed is good, the wall falls, to the queen of hearts people build a shrine
Playgrounds full of blood, terror on the streets and in the skies
Images at the speed of light, spinning round the truth and lies.


© Copyright 2000 & 2001 Alan McLean 

© The Crow Road Band 2018