Closing of the Day

Main Vocal- Helen; Backing Vocal- Jan; Guitars- Alan,Phil; Bass- Phil

It’s getting close to midnight, the day is nearly done.
No turning hack the clock, time keeps on keeping on.
But there are things I want to tell you, some things I want to say.
To let you know just what you’ve been to us,
To let you know just what you mean to us,
Before the closing of the day.

And in those foolish first days you taught us everything.
The worth of joy and laughter, despite the hurts that life could bring
We never really gave you anything in return before today
So now I hope it’s not too late,
To try to set the record straight,
Before the closing of the day 

You felt the pain as we were leaving, but that was never planned.
It was all just down to changes it was fate that dealt the hand.
There was nothing here to keep us, no way that we could stay.
We just knew we had to grow
There’s so much you just don’t know,
Before the closing of the day

© Copyright 1997 & 2001 Alan McLean 

© The Crow Road Band 2018