Condemned To Live

Lead Vocal- Jan; Guitars- Phil; Harmonica- Jan; Flute- Laura; Backing Vocals- Phil,Alan; Bass- Phil

They say he was immune to death
They say, ”Condemned to live”
They say he watched while others died
They say he still can hear their cries
And never can forgive
The ragged suicidal lines
Stretched across the plains
They say behind his frightened eyes
He sees them there, mesmerised
As they fall in mud and pain. 

At the setting of the sun he remembers
And at the break of dawn he remembers
Through the sleepless nights
Sees his comrades blown from sight
And in the cold daylight...he remembers. 

They say he pleaded to be left
To die with all the rest
They say, ” Death had no meaning then”
They say, ” Our glorious fighting men!”
They say, ”They gave their best.”
He knows just how much they gave
He sees the torture and screams
Each day he hopes and prays at last
That death will take away the past
And bring some peaceful dreams 


He cannot tell, he cannot say
His soul is stilled with guilt
That he could stand while others fell
Then pass each day in living hell….
A man condemned to live.


© Copyright 1999, 2000 & 2001 Jan Moncrieff & Alan McLean 

© The Crow Road Band 2018