Ghosts in the Mist

Lead Vocal/Mandolin- Jan; Guitars- Phil,Alan; Backing Vocals- Phil,Alan; Flute- Laura; Keyboards- Phil

We lived here first for better or worse
In the wild lands of the west and the north
True to our past, to our culture held fast
And we know what our history is worth 

There are ghosts in the mist from the edge of time
Telling tales of the past and the future we’ll find
It’s the language of song and the language of rhyme
There are ghosts in the mist and they’re mine 

I’m a man of the lands where the people are true
Born of the wind and the sky
I’ll always be free, it’s my destiny
Holding my head up high 


There are ghosts on the mountain calling to me
With words that never have died
It’s a language I love and dear to my heart
And a statement of vision and pride 




© Copyright 1997 & 2001 Alan Mclean & Alec Burbidge

© The Crow Road Band 2018