I've Read The Book

Vocal- Helen; Guitar- Alan; Flute- Laura

I’ve read the book, I’ve seen the film, I know the story
The one that leads to love and glory
The script was written just for me
I knew the way that it would be
It was so easy to believe
So young so naive 

Was that you? Guess I didn’t recognise you
Or maybe I just didn’t open up my eyes to
See you for yourself
Instead of expecting someone else
Some one that I’d seen
Starring on a silver screen 

Was that love that I held there in my hand
I let it go guess I didn’t understand
It was a dream that I’d been told
Just a story I’d been told,
About the angel choirs that sing
To let you know when love begins 

Is this life? It’s not quite what I expected.
Thought there’d be he more was there something they neglected
To tell me when I took the stage
Made my entrance in a rage
Now standing waiting for acclaim
For fortune, love and fame.

© Copyright 1997 & 2001 Alan McLean & Bryan Finnegan 

© The Crow Road Band 2018