On The Road Tae Glasgow

Vocal and Guitar- Alan; Harmonica- Jan; Bass- Phil; Flute- Laura; Keyboards- Phil

On the road to Glasgow, through the Lakes before the dawn,
Sun up on the border on a cold clear winter’s morn.
Looked to see the line dividing nations past,
To see if anything’s changed now it’s recognised at last.
I must’ve been getting tired ’cause suddenly it wisnae clear,
I mean, I’ve got mates in many lands that I hold so dear,
And there are people here that worry me, would tell me what to do,
The ones that would have power o’er the likes of me and you. 

Not in our interest, so their story goes,
With their tabloid thinking they would lead you by the nose.
Not in our interest, it’s all you hear them say
But what we want to know, whose interest is it anyway? 

On the road to Glasgow forced to flee those years before,
From clearances, injustices by those who make the law.
Abusing power for their own end, it’s the same the whole world o’er
Send their people into to poverty or send them off to war.
It’s get off my land you scum of the earth, what you doing here?
Or pick up your gun my brave lad and defend our land sae dear,
Yes, rally round the flag my boys and trust in God above,
Killing those you do not hate, for those you do not love. 


So this time around let’s make sure that we get a say,
And it’s our interest that is served by those we chose to pay,
For the privilege of the power in our land with wealth untold,
And make our people more important than the colour the gold
That’s corrupted even saintly men oft in times before,
With secret backhand deals going on behind closed doors.
This time we’ll see the ones that ask for the power in our name,
Are serving our interest in our nation born again 


© Copyright 1997 & 2001 Alan McLean

© The Crow Road Band 2018