The Crow Road

Lead Vocal/Harmonica- Jan; Guitars/Bass/Keyboards/Backing Vocals- Phil

Hawd yer wheest ma wee lamb ma mither gently sighs

God’s will comes tae everythin’, so dry yer greetin’ eyes

He’s angel in that happy land where a’ the dogs are free

But canal dogs and deid fish are nae angels tae me

Goin’ doon the Crow Road‘s life’s only certainty. 

Well I grew up an’ saw too many friends gone before their time

An’ a’ve wondered how God’s will, could be so damned unkind

They say there is a happy land, but I’m no so sure ye see

Cause they don’t know the answers any mair than you or me

An’, Goin’ doon the Crow Road’s life’s only certainty 

Well I gae doon tae George’s Square wi’ ma faither an’ ma boys

Ma faither says it’s great tae see the trees an’ a’ the toys

He says afore it a’comes roon again he kens whaur he will be

The auld man he’s still goin’ strong, but one year he’ll be free

’Cause Goin’ doon the Crow Road’s life’s only certainty. 

© Copyright Jan Moncrieff & Alan McLean 1998

© The Crow Road Band 2018