The Future is Yours

Lead Vocal- Jim McLean; Guitars- Phil, Alan; Backing Vocals- Helen,Jan,Phil; Flute- Laura; Keyboards/Percussion-Phil, Bass- Phil

I have nothing to leave you, except maybe advice.
And I’d be loath to tell you how to live your lives.
But I had treasures a-plenty, that were given away,
So maybe there’s something, that I could say. 

Look to the past, the lessons to learn,
From those who would use you, would steal what you earn.
Who would tell you that greed is how success should be built
And raise their house on foundations of guilt. 

You’re better than them, so don’t bend to their yoke,
From a people who valued the worth of all folk.
Stand up and be counted look them in the face,
So the flower can bloom once again in this place. 

’Cause the parcel of rogues, their work is undone.
A new age is dawning with the rising sun,
This time no pretenders, no stories of flight,
The time to raise long sleeping values once more is in sight. 

So I’ve nothing to leave you, but I know you’ll no’ need
Anything from me to help you to succeed.
There’s a new day approaching a new time to start
And I know you’ll be going with brave voice and brave heart

The future is yours,
The future is here
The future is ours,
The future is clear 

The future is now
The future is yours,
The future is here
The future is ours, 

© Copyright 1997 & 2001 by Alan McLean, Alec Burbidge & Jan Moncrieff

© The Crow Road Band 2018