Lead Vocal- Jan; Guitars- Phil,Alan; Bass- Phil; Backing Vocals- Phil,Alan,Jan; Keyboards- Phil

Forward on a one way track, Moving onward never back
Relentless in its blind attack, But just around the bend
Time hangs heavy, time flies by, In every space a different eye
A different view a different sigh, Positions to defend 

Lost in time, lost in space
Lost in life, I need to see your face 

Flowing slowly as a rushing stream, Changing speeds like in a dream
Where time and space are not what they seem and straining to descend
Descend into the dark abyss, Where time and space are lost in the mists
Saved only by a single kiss, In the light at the tunnel’s end


Living high, living fast, time goes slow, make it last
In your own time can’t change the past, or see where futures lie
Time to stay and time to go, time will tell but who will know
Caught up in the to and fro, as it all goes by.



Your time’s your own and so is mine, We get so close but never find
A place where waves step in time, And consciousness expands
Don’t count me in don’t count me out, Can’t be sure there’s always doubt
Of time and place they’re all about, No way to understand 


Forward on a one way track, Moving forward never back
Relentless in its blind attack, Of temporal harmony.

© Copyright 1998 & 2001 Jan Moncrieff & Alan McLean 

© The Crow Road Band 2018