Walk Beside The Water

Lead Vocal- Alan; Guitars- Alan,Phil; Flute- Laura; Bass-Phil; Backing Vocals- Helen,Jan,Phil; Keyboards- Phil

The words are fallen on the ground
That I thought had wings to fly
The dreams are lost there in the sound
Of laughter falling from the sky
So it’s off to find another morning
With friends I wonder that I still have
Their kindness will get me through the longing
Along this rough and rocky path 

We will walk beside the water, to hear the sounds upon the shore
The ones that I had long forgotten, that we had loved so long before


The temple wondrous in the valley
The wise man helpful, good and kind
But all the answers they were for him
Only questions could I find,
But all the t times that I have called on you
I do appreciate them all
I just wonder that you are always there to catch me every time I fall 


The pictures stained with false memories
To try to make you take the blame
The holy wine can’t change the first to last
Nor tell you the nature of the game
But the goodness is here with you all
You take me in and give me strength again
To set out on the journey hut I know I’ll call I hope you’ll always be a friend.

© Copyright 1998 & 2001 Alan McLean 1997 

© The Crow Road Band 2018